Parking Fees

Spectator Entry and Parking:

Saturday, October 26 Battle on the Courthouse Square

Free parking is available in downtown Sandersville for Saturday October 26, 2019. The Courthouse Square will be closed to parking the night before. There are ample public parking spaces within easy walking distance to the Square. A spectator area will be marked off for you to stand. Bring your own chairs for seating.

Sunday, October 27 Battle at Forest Grove

There will be a designated parking area just off Highway 242 (Riddleville Road). There will be no charge for parking. Volunteers will assist your efforts to park. Bring your own chairs or blankets for seating. During the battle, no one, other than reenactors are allowed to be on the battlefield or beyond the spectator lines.

After the battles end we encourage you to visit the camps, relax or shop and see the great history our county has to offer.