Sutler Rules

Thank you for coming to our event.  Your presence here provides a meaningful experience for both the reenactors and the public!

  1. Sutlers may arrive as early as Thursday to set up unless you have made prior arrangements with the Sutler Co-Coordinator.
  2. All sutlers much check in at the registration table to be instructed as to the location reserved for their particular sutlery.  We are attempting to re-create the historic “Village of Sandersville” by placing sutler “shops” around the main event tent, which serves as the “Courthouse.”  Each sutler has an assigned spot this year.
  3. All cars must be out of Sutlers’ Row by 6 am on Saturday, October 26, 2019 and may not re-enter for breakdown until 5pm or until all spectators have left the area,  This is a safety precaution to prevent a liability for the property owner or the hosting organizations.  However, you may close your tent flaps to the public and begin packing until such time as cars are allowed back into the area.
  4. All persons working in the Sutler tents must remain in period dress during hours of operation.
  5. If you have a need for a power supply, we suggest that you provide a 50 foot power cord to connect with the multi-plug industrial power cords provided.  The power source must be shared wit the main tent (“Courthouse”) and other sutlers.