Living History

We are very pleased to list Sutlers and Vendors who will set up at Forest Grove Plantation on Saturday and Sunday. 


  • Rum Creek Sutler, Chuck Johnson,
  • Ole Doc Bell’s Wizard Elixir, Doc Bell,
  • Farmhouse Herbals by Jenny Stanley. See Jenny’s products on Etsy.
  • Tophat’s Sutlery by Todd Olson from Maine.
  • Southern Family Impressions by Wilahmena & Johnny Lauramore of MacClenny, Florida.
  • The Family Parlor by Joanne Kurtright, with women’s period clothing.
  • Hitchie Creek Forge Blacksmith, Chris Harper

Food Vendors:

  • Dora Seales Soul Food
  • BBQ by Grace Church and Pastor Gilmore

Living History Exhibits:

The following exhibits will set up to educate the public. Knowledgeable historians will be on hand to give out materials and answer questions.

  • The Georgia African Brigade, Lonnie Davis of Macon, Georgia
  • The Military Timeline, Ron McManus, South Carolina Military Living History Association
  • US Colored Troops 2nd Infantry Regiment, Major Jarvis Rosier of Tallahassee, Florida
  • Frederick Douglass impersonator John Anderson of Tallahassee, Florida
  • Bill Moore of Columbia, SC, Buffalo Soldier Historian

Georgia African Brigade: Lonnie Davis, Park Ranger at the Ocmulgee National Monument, will set up a station to present information about the Georgia African Brigade.  Mr. Davis’s own great-great grandfather was a soldier in the brigade, organized in the latter part of the Civil War as a division of the United States Colored Troops (USCT).  His presentation is designed to educate the public about our forgotten African American Civil War history.

The Military Timeline led by Ron McManus of the South Carolina Military Living History Association displays information about all the branches of the US military through wars the US has participated through time.  They are a non-profit organization operating since 2000. They do this work for veterans and their families and to inform the public. Vietnam and WW2 are the wars they specialize in, but they include other minor combat periods.

The 2nd Infantry Regiment United States Colored Troops (USCT) Living History Association, led by Major Jarvis Rosier, is an affiliate of the John G. Riley Center/Museum of African American History and Culture in Tallahassee Florida. Their mission is to preserve, protect, promote, educate and interpret the accomplishments of the original Soldiers of the USCT. They strive to assure the authenticity and accuracy of the battles they courageously fought during the Civil War. The Association also conducts year-round visits to schools and participates in educational, cultural and historical programs.

John Anderson as Frederick Douglass           
John Anderson of Tallahassee, Florida has been impersonating Frederick Douglass at civic programs and festivals for 16 years, most notably the Annual Battle of Olustee Festival in Florida. Mr. Anderson says that his goal is to have everyone present feel enlightened and proud to be an American descendant of our US history, regardless of which side our ancestors took during the Civil War.