FAQ/Ask a Question

Will modern camping be available?  

Yes, but there is no running water or electrical hook ups. It is very easy to access and only one

mile to local restaurants.

Will firewood /water/straw be available?

Yes, all three will be available.  Straw will be $3.00 a bale.

Will there be shuttles for transportation to different staging areas?

Yes, departure times to be determined.

Will there be a battle down town?

Yes, just like last year

Is Calvary camp going to be closer to Sutlers than last year?

Yes, location to be determined.

Who is Federal and Confederate Commanders?

Col. Tim Knight –Confederate Commander/Col. Larry Bacon- Federal Commander

Will there be registration fees?

$5.00 per person for pre-registration / $10.00 @ gate / children 12 &under free

Are food vendors going to be set up?